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Data is the world’s most valuable commodity. Are you getting the most of yours?

DAS42 is here to help. We’re data analytics consultants delivering unmatched expertise in building analytics systems customized to meet your specific business needs, leveraging the best data collection tools, data warehousing, and analytics platforms available today.

Our solutions have delivered faster insights, nurtured growth, streamlined scalability, reduced costs, and more for some of the biggest companies in media & entertainment and across a range of other industries.

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Case Study:

Accelerating Time To Value

One of the world’s largest media companies approached us with a need to reach faster insights when forecasting digital viewership and ad impressions. They had a slow and laborious process for making data inquiries that often took a week or more to turnaround. Follow up questions on these inquiries took just as long, creating a frustrating and inefficient process, which was unacceptable for such a premier enterprise organization.

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Case Study:

Antipiracy Data Warehouse Modernization

Wired magazine declared 2021 the start of a “platinum age” for online piracy. Piracy, made easier by content streaming, is a major issue for media and entertainment companies. Many companies have entire departments dedicated to spotting infringing content, understanding the changing landscape, and figuring out how to respond.

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